Tips For Cleaning A Hospital Room

As a patient in the hospital we have more concerns than the level of cleanliness our rooms are.  If we are in a hospital, we want to get better and get home as quickly as possible.  This is why it is important that hospital cleaning in Edmonton be done to each room each piece of equipment and is signed off on before a patient uses that room.

Bed mattress

The first thing that needs to be cleaned is the bed mattress.  When we get into the bed we want to make sure that any fluids or contaminants are removed.  The person that cleans the room needs to wipe down the bed with alcohol and even flip the mattress.  The mattress should stand for a minute or two before returning it to the frame.

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Bed frames

The bed frames are a unique item.  Depending on the hospital you are using, they may have in house cleaning service that goes in and biogenetically clean the beds.  They will take bed into a clean area and with alcohol and special pads wipe down the entire frame from top to bottom.  Once this is done the bed is then returned to plastic and transported back to the hospital and room.

New sheets

Sheets should be changed and bagged after use.  They should then be transported to the laundry where they are washed and sanitized in a specific washing machine dedicated for sheets.  The same must be done for pillowcases and other blankets.  When this is done you are ensuring that noting is cross contaminating with another part of the bed, and everyone is getting the cleanest items possible.

 Wiping down surfaces

Once the main areas are cleaned it is time to go in and wipe down all of the surfaces of the room.  This needs to start from the top of the room and make its way down to the floors. Finally the room must be mopped and the door closed to allow to dry.